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Érard, Pleyel, Gaveau Archive Collection


The incredible Érard, Pleyel, Gaveau archives collection testifies to nearly two centuries of music, from the late 18h century to the seventies.

Its document listing (manufacturing registers, plans, sales books etc.) provides extensive information on the three firms’ activity: serial numbers, manufacturing dates, information on possible repairs, rates applied, names of workshop managers, buyers and wholesalers, etc.

Famous names in the registers (Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven…) show the importance of these institutions in music history. Available data concern every production by Érard, Gaveau and Pleyel: pianos, harps, harpsichords, organs, accessories (stools and music stands) and, for Pleyel, talking machines (TSF: télégraphie sans fil, yesterday’s wireless…).

These archives are for each and everyone: those who wish to learn some more about their instrument, researchers desirous to study an instrument’s making.